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Local art rock artist to perform for Norman Music Festival livestream series

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After Kat Lock — former lead singer of the Norman band St. Basic — moved to Indiana for a few months, she decided it was time to leave the group and jump headfirst into her solo career. Now, Lock will perform Feb. 26 on a live stream as a part of the Norman Music Festival Transmissions series. 

“Life happens and things don't work out,” Lock said about the band’s split. “I just had a lot of songs that I wanted to get out there, and it was just easier to just use my name.” 

As Lock started exploring her career as a solo artist, she said she took a few creative leaps. The multi-instrumentalist, already well-versed in the language of piano, guitar, bass and ukulele, decided to add the drums to her skill set and began writing more personal songs. 

“It feels like I didn't even write the songs,” Lock said. “It feels like they fell out of me.” 

When she moved back to Norman, she said she was surprised by the warm reception of the community. She’d spent several years performing with St. Basic at the Norman Music Festival, and following her return to the city, she was invited to perform as Kat Lock for the festival’s transmissions series.  

The Norman Music Festival has been hosting live stream events in an effort to compensate for the loss of the in-person festival. The series aims to “highlight Oklahoma music talent with electrifying live stream performances,” according to the festival’s Facebook page. Bands Helen Kelter Skelter and Husbands have previously performed for the live stream series. 

“I’ve been so flustered (the festival organizers) have been so nice to me,” Lock said. “They asked me, right when they told me that the (in-person) festival was canceled, if they did a live stream would I be interested, and I said yes.” 

Lock, who spent the ages of 6 through 18 performing in musicals at the Sooner Theatre, said performing has always been second nature to her. With live performances out of the equation due to the pandemic, Lock said she was ecstatic to receive an opportunity to perform again. 

Lock said the lack of live performances during the pandemic has left her feeling disconnected from her listeners and her craft. Even though she released an album just six months ago, she said she recently confessed to a friend that she felt like she wasn’t being productive enough.  

“I'm not connecting with people and not able to share,” Lock said. “It feels like I'm writing so much and doing so much in my head, but my public persona is behind.”

Lock said she feels most at home when she is able to relate to her audience. 

“There have been times when people really connect with what I'm saying. I like to throw little things about spirituality, and life in there,” Lock said. “When people really do connect, it makes me feel like I'm doing what I'm here to do.” 

Lock said she’ll be performing with her full crew for the Norman Music Festival live stream and taking COVID-19 precautions. She said she will release an album with producer Brine Webb later this year. 

Kat Lock’s performance with bandmates Matt Ellis (drums), David Rey (guitar) and Bill Boyd (drums) will stream at 8 p.m. on Feb. 26 on the Norman Music Festival’s Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Correction: This headline was updated at 12:57 p.m. Feb. 23 to reflect the correct genre of Kat Lock's music.

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