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Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art to host virtual event celebrating Italian Renaissance scholar

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creighton gilbert banner

A banner for the virtual celebration of Creighton Gilbert from the event's registration page. 

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art will be hosting a virtual celebration honoring Renaissance scholar Creighton Gilbert at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 4.

Gilbert was an art historian who specialized in the Italian Renaissance, according to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art’s website. A 1942 graduate of New York University, Gilbert worked as a professor at several colleges across the United States including Harvard, Yale and Cornell. He also acted as editor-in-chief of Art Bulletin, a journal of art historical research, and published several works, including “Michelangelo: On and Off the Sistine Ceiling,” throughout his career.

Kaylee Kain, the director of communications at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum, said one of the museum’s purposes is to bring knowledge to OU.

“It’s the museum’s mission to bring exhibitions and programming to the OU community that will enrich and serve as a source of knowledge for the OU community,” Kain said. “This webinar is the perfect opportunity to get just that.”

The event will also honor the Creighton Gilbert collection on display at the museum entitled, “Life in Looking.” The collection consists of 272 objects, primarily including prints and drawings from the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods, according to the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art’s website

Several speakers, including curators of the exhibition and former students, will present during the event. Speakers include Carmen Bambach, an art curator in the Department of Drawings and Prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; David Byron, an independent scholar and author; Alexander Nemerov, a professor in the department of art and art history at Stanford University; Erin Duncan-O’Neill, assistant professor of art history at OU; and Allison Palmer, also a professor of art history at OU.

"Our guest speakers are those who knew Dr. Creighton Gilbert quite well and can give an overview of his life and personal anecdotes about him,” Kain said. “Not only can the OU community see this collection of work for free on the Norman campus, they can also attend this webinar and hear from experts in art history speak about the exhibition and Italian Renaissance artworks.”

The virtual event will begin at 3 p.m. on Nov. 4 via Zoom. Registration is open and available here.

“If you have an interest in art at all, I think attendees will enjoy the program,” Kain said. “It’s not every day this opportunity affords itself to a university museum.”

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