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Annual Downtown Norman Fall Festival canceled for 2nd year in a row, concerned attendees seek explanation

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fall fest canceled

The updated Facebook banner for the Downtown Norman Fall Fest.

The annual Downtown Norman Fall Festival was officially canceled for 2021 on Monday, Sept. 27.

The festival is held annually as a free event, featuring treats, activities, and performances for families in the Norman area and visitors. As of Thursday, Sep. 30, the Downtown Norman Fall Festival promises a return attempt in 2022. The festival gave its announcement by updating its Facebook page banner

Frustrated previous attendees have left messages of concern on the festival’s Facebook page, requesting a reason for the closing of this year’s festival. Some are calling out the city’s priorities, comparing the number of participants at this small event to those of local sports games. 

Although a motive for this year’s cancellation was not given, the festival offered condolences.

“The pandemic is not over yet… We know Norman looks forward to this event and we really hope the world will be in a better place in time for next year,” the festival’s official Facebook page reads.

Every year, the festival receives donations from small businesses to fund the event. Securing funding during the pandemic was the main motivation given for canceling in 2020. In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Downtown Norman Fall Festival refused to ask already suffering, small businesses for funds, according to a Facebook post from last year.

A festival organizer did not respond for comment on this year’s cancellation as of Thursday, Sep. 30. The article will be updated if a response is given.

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