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African Student Association to host talent show

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afsa talent show flyer

The African Student Association will host an “Africa’s Got Talent” talent show in partnership with the African Women’s League and the Afrobeatz Dance Club tonight.

AFSA President Joy Atakpo said the talent show will last about an hour and a half and feature a spoken word piece by African Women’s League President Peace Mojekwu. AFSA will also be giving away gift cards, gift baskets and club T-shirts at the show. 

Atakpo, a biology junior, said the event was organized to allow students to have some fun on campus and learn about African culture. Atakpo said the talent show is a “preview” to AFSA’s “African Night” — a cultural celebration on campus featuring African food and dancing — in April. 

During her time at OU, Atakpo said she has noticed that although the university offers classes about Africa, not many students understand the culture and often believe stereotypes about the continent. She said she hopes the show brings attention and appreciation to Africa's diverse culture.

“People don't realize how large of a continent Africa is and how many different types of cultures are even within one country itself,” Atakpo said. “Africa is not one small place, there's just so much rich culture that comes with the continent.”

“Africa’s Got Talent” will take place at 7 p.m. on March 10 in the Meacham Auditorium in the Union. Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

“A lot of people don't really care to look into and research Africa,” Atakpo said. “It's important to take classes (about African culture) and it's important to come to meetings like this, even if you're not African, to at least understand the different cultures.”


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