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Senior Letters: Destinee Dickson says goodbye to a campus and university that shaped her

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Destinee Dickson

Editor's note: Read this story in the April 2020 edition of the Crimson Quarterly magazine. An online version of the magazine can be found here.

Jacobson Hall, Bizzell Memorial Library, Evans Hall, the South Oval, Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center, Dale Hall, Headington College and the Union. These are not just physical buildings and spaces that I spent hours of time in at the University of Oklahoma, but places filled with memories of friendship, late-night studying, fighting for inclusivity and laughing with my fellow peers. It’s difficult ending my senior year at the University of Oklahoma knowing that I cannot formally close this chapter in my life. My grandmother always reminded me of the importance of saying thank you. So, I write this letter to thank OU and close this chapter in my life correctly.

Jacobson Hall: 

The welcome center and my second home on campus as a tour guide and Diversity Enrichment Programs intern. Thank you for allowing me to connect with prospective students and tell them why I love OU. 

Bizzell Memorial Library: 

A place I’ve spent many hours studying, crying and bothering friends as they completed assignments. Thank you for giving me a space to focus on my studies, quick vanilla latte coffee runs and the ability to laugh with my friends even on the most hectic nights. I am missing you the most right now. 

Evans Hall: 

We have a love-hate relationship, but it’s a historical part of my OU story. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of always standing up for what I believe in. The fight is never over. 

South Oval:

The best place to take pictures of campus while strolling to my next class. Even on the most stressful days, thank you for allowing me to smile as I saw my friends. OU’s large campus had a small-town feeling because of the Oval. 

Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center: 

The mecca of attending meetings and events from the High School Leadership Conference to the Black Student Association. Thank you for always filling my bucket by bringing my friends together through momentous events. 

Dale Hall: 

The first building that reminded me why I came to college — for an education. Thank you for challenging my mind and expanding my knowledge on subject matters like logic, political science and even geography. 

Headington College: 

No, I am not talking about Headington Hall, the student-athlete residence across the street, but the new residential college — thank you for providing me a stable job, a place to rest my head at night and the ability to chat with residents from all walks of life. 

The Union: 

My favorite place to grab a bite to eat, while most likely getting a quick signature or pep talk. Thank you for always filling my stomach, letting me bother Student Life staffers (you know who you are) and kicking it with my friends. 

Even though I will never receive a proper graduation or senior festivities, these buildings were essential to my development as a young adult because of the experiences that happened in them. So, thank you, the University of Oklahoma, for providing me incredible opportunities, an excellent education and forever friendships. The ending of this chapter isn’t ideal, but this pandemic allowed me to appreciate and reflect on my college experiences for the last 3.76 years. 

Live On, University.

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