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Senior Letters: Chika Nwanebu reflects on her time at OU where she made memories that 'will last a lifetime'

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Editor's note: Read this story in the April 2020 edition of the Crimson Quarterly magazine. An online version of the magazine can be found here.



Dear OU,

Remember that time I didn’t want to come here?

Then, remember that time I finally stepped on campus? You made me realize this was going to be my future home. You made me realize this was going to be the start of finding out who I am. You made me realize I was going to make the best friends I ever could have imagined. 

I remember the first day walking on the South Oval as an official OU student and being in awe of everything I saw. From the sounds, to the buildings, to constantly seeing different smiling faces — it was like I was in a dream. Sadly, I had to wake up from that dream of being at OU far too soon. It’s an ending that I, and many others, never could have imagined. 

Even though my time here was cut short, the memories that I’ve made will last a lifetime.

I will always cherish the many laughs, the many walks, the many hugs and the many “I love you’s.” OU has been a constant support system for me. I’ve been surrounded by people who are always willing to pick me up — or, when I’m already excited about life, are there to enjoy it with me. I will miss making new friends while walking to class or roaming the Union. I will miss the free food on the South Oval. I will miss asking random people in the PLC and L&V office if they want to go outside and play. I will miss going into a professor's office hours just to introduce myself and say hello, always learning something new when I leave. I will miss the time I walked around campus pretending I was Mrs. Claus and handing out candy and school supplies. And I will just miss you. 

However, I do not want you all to think this is goodbye forever. There is no such thing as saying goodbye to OU. For me, this parting is not real because you will always be in my heart, and I know I will always be in yours. I am bringing you wherever I go! So, this is not a goodbye, but it is merely a FaceTime you later.


With love,

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Online Magazine Version of Chika Nwanebu's Senior Letter 


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