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Interim Provost Jill Irvine announces class schedules will be completed today, says more changes rare

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Jill Irvine (copy)

Jill Irvine, interim provost and senior vice president. 

Interim Provost and Senior Vice President Jill Irvine announced final adjustments to the fall 2020 schedules will be completed today. 

Irvine said in an email that there might be some changes in the coming days, “but time shifts and changes in the mode of delivery will be very rare” in OU students’ class schedules for fall 2020. She also said instructors whose flexible teaching requests were approved have already been accommodated through some mode-of-delivery changes. 

The rearrangement of class schedules is part of OU’s Safe and Resilient Instructional Plan for fall due to COVID-19. In the email, Irvine also said that modifications to the class schedule are meant to provide a balanced distribution between in-person and online experience by keeping social distancing in classrooms and a longer passing period between classes. 

“These efforts were necessary to provide a safe environment for your return,” Irvine said in the email. “We are focused on providing an excellent educational experience this fall whether the course is in person or online.”

Lastly, Irvine called OU students to review their fall 2020 schedules for any changes made over the past few days. If OU students would like to adjust it, next week seems to be the best time to do so, according to the email. 

“I know that many of you are approaching the return to campus with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety,” Irvine said in the email. “Please be assured that many staff and faculty have been working tirelessly across campus as we seek to navigate this challenging time in the best way possible”.

Marien López-Medina is an international student and United World Colleges alumna from Nicaragua. She is majoring in journalism and nonprofit organizational studies and works as summer news managing editor and fall assistant news editor.

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