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Study music suggestions to get through finals week

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Rock 'n Roll

A fan holds up the hand sign for Rock 'n Roll during the Good Charlotte show at the Diamond Ballroom in OKC Nov. 27.

Music and studying go together well, especially during finals week.

According to Study International, the best genres to listen to while studying are classical, jazz, world music and background noises like nature sounds or white noise. Here are a few suggestions for music to study with this finals season.

1. Classical

If you’re looking for something instrumental, mellow and atmospheric, “I Was Arthur,” an album by August Wilhelmsson, is a great lyric-less vibe. The album combines atmospheric orchestral elements with piano and soft percussion to help you zone in and get into a good workflow.

For something a little simpler, Yo-Yo Ma is an artist that creates clean, simple melodies on the strings. “Ave Maria” is a beautiful duet between a violin and piano that’s simple enough to keep you focused and also pleasing to the ears. 

2. Lo-fi

Lo-fi music is music that is recorded at a lower quality than most modern music and is often released in an imperfect form. Often instrumental and with repetitive beats, lo-fi music is great for focusing in. Some songs like “Monday Loop” by Tomppabeats combine old-time samples with hip-hop-esque beats, creating an interesting mellow sound. Other songs, like “Lost In Florence” by Kendall Miles put quiet orchestral symphonies over a standard lo-fi beat.

For more songs like these, listen to the Lo-Fi Beats playlist on Spotify for almost four hours of lo-fi songs.

3. International music

If you find lyrics distracting but aren’t a fan of instrumentals, try listening to music in another language. Groups like Sigur Rós, an Icelandic band, or GLORIA, a German group, sing in their native languages over relaxed, rock-like beats. “Palette” by Korean artist IU is a pop-influenced, laid-back song good for studying.

4. Tailored playlists

If you’re a Spotify user, there are countless pre-made playlists at your fingertips that are good for studying. A few are Low-Key, Anxiety Attack and Chill Tracks.

House music can also be good for studying with its repetitive beats and intricate sounds. Deep House Relax is a good playlist for mellow house beats.

Much like its name, this playlist called Brain Food is primarily an electronic compilation of songs featuring artists like ODESZA and San Holo that makes getting into a workflow a breeze

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