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'Playing meaningful football in the month of November': What defensive coordinator Alex Grinch said after Sooners' 41-13 win over Oklahoma State

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Alex Grinch

Defensive coordinator and safeties coach Alex Grinch yells for the defensive unit to return to the bench after they force a turnover during the Bedlam game against Oklahoma State on Nov. 21.

No. 18 Oklahoma (6-2, 5-2 Big 12) defeated No. 14 Oklahoma State (5-2, 4-2), 41-13, at home on Saturday.

Defensive coordinator Alex Grinch and his defense held OSU to just 13 points, and 246 total yards. 

Here's what Grinch said postgame: 

Ronnie Perkins’ quarterback pressure

"I think that’s a week in and week out type of thing in terms of when we say game plan. That's something you want to be, that's that calling card of what we want to be defensively at Oklahoma. We want our opponents to have a respect factor for what we are up front.

"It's very difficult to play good defense in the history of the sport but certainly in this day in age if you can't have an impact in your defensive front. It was good. Obviously, that first play, not suggesting that the first play necessarily sets the tone in any direction but certainly been pleased with those guys up front. I think their confidence is building and that certainly can give you some freedom in terms of some of the things you can do coverage wise."

Defense’s success defending the run

"It's always fun as the defensive coach to use the phrase one dimensional and if it was only that simple and that easy to do on a consistent basis, even for four quarters. I was really pleased that way. We'll find things that make you frustrated but I thought we tackled, I thought guys pursued.

"I just see intent. There's less of those plays where you see an individual in our defense, regardless of the level, whether it's defensive line, linebackers or secondary that are just content with being in their gap. We’ve had that and so that's not what we want to be, that's not what the structure of this thing is designed to be. We've talked about production and all that so that certainly was good to see."

Sacks and pushing back the line of scrimmage

"It gives you a chance to mix coverage. Maybe not have the corner as a secondary guy on an island all the time. If you're not getting any type of pressure on the quarterback, for instance, in the pass game, it's very difficult to make plays. So it gives you some availability. That way, it's the same thing in terms of, if you can, in the run game, not allowing a play to get started.

"You have to fit a single gap defense, and everybody has responsibilities. But if you can penetrate through and one guy can eat up two blocks, it gives you an advantage. But it's hard to do. And you're very appreciative of the opportunities when they present themselves. Because, so often you go back to the numbers game it feels like you don't have enough in a particular place. But again, credit goes to the front line."

Chances at a Big 12 Championship

"I'll say just from my lens is, I look at it as playing meaningful football in the month of November. As a coach, that is something that is rare, quite frankly, it always has impact. It has an impact on how you finish seasons from an individual standpoint, and player standpoint.

"All conference teams are decided based on how you finish seasons, and its bowl games and all that stuff. So, meaningful football in November is something that your antennas are up for, and it should be because you work for a calendar year to put yourself in a situation for success. Does the intensity go up this month? I would say yes. I think the teams that have the most success are also the ones that are most consistent. So, it's consistent intensity that ultimately gives you a shot."

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