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OU Pro Day: What Lincoln Riley said after Oklahoma's Pro Day

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Lincoln Riley

OU coach Lincoln Riley watches OU's football Pro Day March 13.

It's another OU Pro Day in the books.

Former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and 12 other Sooners hopeful for the 2019 NFL Draft participated in various workouts and measurements to impress NFL scouts.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley thought Wednesday's Pro Day was a good one.

“It was great,” Riley said. “It was fun seeing a lot of people, I’m sure, who were keeping up with it around the world and around the country. All the attention that it gets, maybe it’s just, there’s not another program out there like this one right now. That’s a lot of fun. And the great thing here is it just hasn’t been just one year here or there. This has been a pretty consistent run of elite Pro Days, and hopefully those continue. That’s great for our guys now, great for our current players and certainly great for our recruits.”

From Murray's performance to certain players not participation in events, heres what Riley said on OU Pro Day.

Murray's throwing

The Heisman winner completed 64-70 passes Wednesday.After talking to scouts, Riley said the comments were “super complementary.”

“There was quite a few people there who hadn’t seen him throw live before, and you get a perception in your mind of what you think he’s going to be like," Riley said. "You see it in person, it was a very, very strong performance. No question about it. You can go travel to any Pro Day you want to. You’re not going to see another throwing performance like that.”

Murray not doing the 40-yard dash, along with most other events

Murray only did two things Wednesday: a weigh in and a throwing session. He didn't measure his height or run the 40-yard dash, two hot topic in the football world.

“For him, it was just a matter of it doesn’t make sense to run and do all those things,” Riley said. “Not that everybody can do this, but I mean he’s, athletically, so far beyond anything in this game and anything in that league at that position that there’s just honestly not much of a point to it. And when you’ve got to get ready to throw, which is when you don’t do it at the combine, which he chose not to do, then you certainly want to not do anything that hinders that. You can risk injury. There’s a lot of things that can happen when you do all of that different testing. His quickness and speed… There really wasn’t anything to gain from him doing that today.”

For those who participated in the NFL Combine, certain measurements and activities weren't required.

“We’re pretty standard with all our guys,” Riley said. “If they’ve been to the combine they measure everything you can measure on a human being… There’s really not a whole lot of sense putting all these guys who have just been measured — hand sizes, height measurements that they take — there’s just no sense in doing that.”

Curtis Bolton

Redshirt senior linebacker Curtis Bolton had himself a day in front of NFL scouts.

His numbers include a 38-inch vertical and a 4:53 4-yard dash.

“He raised some eyes,” Riley said. “He definitely did. He wasn’t on a lot of people’s radar the previous years with injuries and just simply not being on the field a whole lot. But with his production this year, he was on the radar and some of his testing numbers jumped out.”


Injured players not participating

Running back Rodney Anderson and wide receiver Marquise Brown attended Pro day, but didn't participate in the exercises.

“It’s their body. It’s not my body,” Riley said. “It’s their life. It’s not my life. Their health is always going to be at the forefront of everything that we do.”


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