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OU football: Will Oklahoma jump Utah in the playoff rankings? Is this defense still a disaster? Game day mailbag (OSU)

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Kennedy Brooks

Redshirt sophomore running back Kennedy Brooks during the Bedlam game against Oklahoma State Nov. 30.

No. 7 Oklahoma (11-1, 8-1 Big 12) won its fifth-straight Bedlam game Saturday night, defeating No. 21 Oklahoma State (8-4, 5-4 Big 12), 34-16.

After the game, sports editor George Stoia answered all of your questions: 

Is this defense still a disaster?

It never was this season, Jim Mora. 

What is the future for OU when the defense gets Grinch's players get in the system? When was the last time we saw a complete win like that from Oklahoma? Should we be ranked ahead of Utah on Tuesday?

It's a consistent top 25 defense when Grinch has his guys. But I'm one that believes he's just a master motivator. I think whoever his players are, he's going to have a tough defense to beat.

The last time OU played a complete game like that was West Virginia. But the last time OU played a complete game against a really good football team? Well, Saturday night is it.

I do think Oklahoma should be ahead of Utah. The Sooners have the better resume and earned a much better win Saturday. 

Which regular season game had the best press food offerings?

Oklahoma State was really good. So was Kansas State. But every year my favorite is Rudy's BBQ at OU-Texas. Can't go wrong with unlimited potato salad and brisket at 9 a.m.

Was there a 10-second runoff due to the injured player?

Got a lot of questions about this. From my understanding, the officials had a complete game clock runoff for an injured player with 48 seconds left. I believe both coaches agreed to this as an Oklahoma State player was hurt.

But, to be honest, I was trying to get to the field when the official made the announcement. 

What’s up with Jalen Redmond?

Not exactly sure. All I know is he didn't travel to Stillwater. 

Why is the series called a rivalry? 89-18-7

Because Oklahoma State is in the same state as Oklahoma. 

Would Alabama QB Jalen Hurts have won against Auburn today, assuming he started with Tua Tagovailoa out?

Yes, because Hurts would have thrown only one pick-six instead of two like Mac Jones. 

Do you think Hopper is still alive in Stranger Things?

I don't. Even though they never showed him die, you can't build up a character's death like that and then bring him back to life. 

Did Nick Basquine in his career score TDs all three ways? (Run, catch, throw.) Is the new Sooner offensive identity going to cost Lamb the Biletnikoff?

Basquine has never rushed for a touchdown. But an interesting stat: Jalen Hurts joined Tommy McDonald as the only Sooner to run, receive and pass for a touchdown in a single game.  

And it might. But I still like Lamb's chances. People know he's not getting as many chances and what he could do if he had more. 

Did their efficiency running the ball tonight establish our identity on the offense?

Yes. This is who they've wanted to be the last few weeks, but a couple bad turnovers have forced them into tighter games. They want to control the clock and wear you down until you have nothing left in the fourth quarter. And I think it's been extremely beneficial to the defensive side of the ball. 

Did Parnell Motley get a game ball?

I would assume so. He was phenomenal. 

Who's your top 5? Will Oklahoma beat Baylor again? Will it be close or a big win?

I would rank the top five like this: 

1. Ohio State

2. LSU

3. Clemson

4. Georgia

5. Oklahoma 

I think the Sooners do beat Baylor, but I think it's another close one. The Bears have been impressive since the last time they met. 

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