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OU football: What Lincoln Riley said after the Sooners’ victory over Oklahoma State, 'You could feel their presence out there tonight'

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Lincoln Riley

OU coach Lincoln Riley after the Bedlam game Nov. 30.

No. 7 Oklahoma (11-1, 8-1 Big 12) won Bedlam 34-16 over No. 21 Oklahoma State (8-4, 5-4 Big 12). The Sooners had a lot on the line tonight in regard to the College Football Playoff. But the Sooner defense, led by Parnell Motley, held the Oklahoma State offense to 3 points in the second half, sealing the win for Oklahoma.

Here’s what head coach Lincoln Riley had to say after the game:

On Parnell Motley’s performance

“(He) did it against good receivers in a bigtime environment  he was awesome. I mean the pick to the strip, tackled well, covered well, went at him with a lot of double moves, and he was in great position. I thought he really trusted his technique, really throughout the entire game. Made a lot of big plays  they gave him a lot of opportunities, and he certainly responded. You could tell he wanted the ball thrown his way tonight. That’s what we’ve been pressing upon our guys. That’s how you want to play that position. I mean, that’s how you have to play any position. I mean, if you don’t want the ball your way or don’t want the chance to make the play or to block, then you’re not the right guy to be out there. He wanted it coming his way tonight and was ready. He trusted his technique and made a lot of big plays.”

On his interception after getting called back on the first one

“It was fitting. It was fitting because he made such a great play on the other one. You couldn’t tell on the other one, the replay — certainly in the stadium it looked like there was green in between his feet — but I don’t know, I’m sure in the booth there they had some different looks for them to overturn it. It must have been pretty conclusive. It was great for him to make it and very fitting for the kind of night he had, and really he has been very steady for us all year.”

On Kennedy Brooks

“Very steady. Very steady. Just continues to be him, he’s not missing cuts, very in sync with our offensive line. You know he’s been so close to popping up in his kind of standard 60, 70-yarders, there was I swear like five tonight that we were like, it's out, but despite that he’s had a lot of great runs, he’s held onto the ball, great ball security. He always kind of gets what’s there, always. He doesn’t ever leave much on the table, and then occasionally that maybe aren’t there, which is a good characteristic for a running back to have.”

On Oklahoma’s long methodical offensive drives

“Well, it’s been  I’d say the last few years it’s been a key part of us being able to play well at the end of the year and ultimately win this league, is being able to have those, and we’ve had several of those later in the seasons. I can think of all four of the championship years and games where we’ve had to do that, and we’ve been able to do it and tonight’s another one. You always get to that point. I don’t care how good you are throwing the ball. There’s always going to be points where for your team, and especially it seems to be late in the season, where you gotta have drives like that, and you have to be able to do it, and to be able to do it, you know, we’ve been able to do it the last couple of weeks, and that’s been really big, and to do it in this environment tonight was huge.”

On big performances from freshmen Nik Bonitto and David Ugwoegbu

“Yeah, it’s been important since Jon-Michael (Terry) got hurt. He was kind of our bell cow there, and leader and kind of the steadying force. Those are two young guys that flash so much that you want them to do it more consistently, and I thought they stepped up and did that. They both had some big plays. They do a good job of challenging each other for reps, keeping each other fresh, kind of feeding off each other, and they’re two very, very talented guys that are going to get better and better quickly and I thought, yeah they both showed up. You could feel their presence out there tonight.”

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