OU football: What Lincoln Riley said after Iowa State win, 'The first half was probably the best that we’ve played all year'

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Lincoln Riley

OU coach Lincoln Riley during the game against Iowa State Nov. 9.

No. 9 Oklahoma (8-1, 5-1 Big 12) held on in a 42-41 win over Iowa State (5-4, 4-2 Big 12).

After a dominant first half performance by Jalen Hurts and Oklahoma’s offense, Iowa State clawed their way back into the game with a 20-point 4th quarter run, but Oklahoma sealed the game with a game-winning interception from senior cornerback Parnell Motley on a two-point conversion.

Here's what Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley said after the game: 

On the game being closer than he wanted 

“Thrilled to get a win, obviously not real enthused that we let the game get a lot closer than we’re gonna feel like that we should have. But like I told the guys in there, you go back and you watch videos of championship teams after the fact and they recap their seasons or what it was like and a lot of times you have it in your head that everything went perfect and everything went right and smooth and played great all the time, and most of the times you have a couple of very defining moments and tough games and tough situations you have to overcome and we did that tonight."

On the offense's performance in the first half

“The first half was probably the best that we’ve played all year. And honestly, the first half was probably one of the best halves that we’ve played, I don’t know, since I’ve been here with any team. I mean they’re damn good on defense and nobody’s done to them what we did in that first half... When you play a defense that’s good and you don’t coach very good in a half and you don’t play very good in a half, then you’re not gonna do much."

On the defense's performance

"I didn’t think we tackled very well. I honestly felt really in the first half and even parts of that 3rd quarter that we were really kinda suffocating them other than missing tackles, and then they got a couple things on us play action wise where we lost our eyes and gave them a couple of cheap touchdowns.

On junior wide receiver CeeDee Lamb

“Yeah, he made some big plays, other than the fumble, and that was a huge negative play. But other than the fumble he was really good. He made a lot of plays there after the catch, recovered the onside kick, had a big block on Kennedy Brooks’ run over on the other side of the field. So yeah, he continues to play at a very high level.”

On the quality of the Big 12

“Yeah, it’s a good league. It’s probably as balanced as I can remember it right now, there’s just not really any bad teams in the league right now. There’s not. I mean everybody’s good enough to beat everybody. The league’s gotten stronger, and I think this year has been a pretty good representation of that. It shows a really good quality, healthy league.”



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