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OU football: Joe 'Silver Shoes' Washington gives Jalen Hurts fashion advice about red shoes

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Jalen Hurts shoes

Senior quarterback Jalen Hurts wore red shoes with red socks for the Houston game, but he wore white shoes with white socks for the South Dakota game.

It doesn't take much for Jalen Hurts to stand out. 

The 6-foot-4, 218-pound quarterback has been impressive in his first two games as a Sooner, totaling 932 yards and 10 touchdowns. But it's not just his game that has caught the eyes of Sooner Nation — the color of his shoes has been one of the most widely debated topics among fans.  

Some fans liked the all red he wore against Houston. Others liked when he switched to all white against South Dakota. 

Hurts said after the game Saturday, he didn't even know people were talking about it on social media.

"I don't get on Twitter that much," Hurts said. "I get on Twitter to post what I got to post and get out." 

So, The Daily asked the only man who's opinion matters: Joe 'Silver Shoes' Washington.

"I mean, he looks like a Greek god in his uniform," said Washington, who played for the Sooners between 1972-75. "I've got some tips for him, though."

Washington is a shoe aficionado. The former Oklahoma running back and All-American practically invented fashion on the football field, painting his cleats silver before nearly every game during his career with the Sooners. 

The story goes that during Washington's freshman season, he was looking for a way to stand out on the field. So, before playing Kansas in 1972, he painted his shoes silver and his laces red. 

Following the game, while watching tape, coach Barry Switzer took notice of the shoes.

"Little Joe, goddamn it," Switzer said to Washington. "What are those goddamn things on your feet?"

Washington explained they were his "silver shoes" and that they made him look faster on the field. Switzer shrugged and said "OK." From that day forward, Washington painted his shoes silver before every game, becoming an icon for all of football.

Hurts likely won't become well-known for his shoes — no matter the color. But Washington does think the quarterback should stick to a certain color.  

"I do like the red shoes, but I think if he's going to wear red, he needs to wear white tape on them," Washington said. "As long as he doesn't wear black-on-black. That's clunky. I don't like black shoes. I like white. I like white even more than I like silver."  

Washington, 65, says if he were playing today, he'd only wear white shoes.

But Washington, now the executive director of the Varsity O Association, won't be playing any time soon, meaning he's happy to share any advice he can offer players — whether it be about the shoes on their feet or the way they play the game.

So, you do you, Jalen. But 'Silver Shoes' says stick to white. 

"When he put red tape on, it just doesn't look as sleek. Don't get me wrong, it looked good," Washington said. "But there's just something about that white ...

"Oh, man. That's just — that's just beautiful, I'll tell you what." 

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