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OU football: How long until Jaden Davis starts? How mad is Bill Bedenbaugh? More in week 2's mailbag

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Riley and Hurts

OU coach Lincoln Riley talks with senior quarterback Jalen Hurts during the game against South Dakota Sept. 7.

No. 4 Oklahoma walked away with another impressive victory Saturday night, beating South Dakota 70-14.

After the game, you guys asked our sports editor, George Stoia, several questions regarding the game.

Here's his answers: 

@soonerfan432: Nice to see takeaways by the defense. Screen passes — D seemed to be weak. What are your thoughts on how the defense played? Granted it’s an FCS team, but what can we learn from them?

I think you have to continue to see the small steps the defense is taking. They pitched a shutout in the first half, scored a touchdown and had three takeaways — I don't care who that's against, that's a solid performance. 

Yes, the secondary was poor on the outside on some of those screens. Lots of missed tackles there. Delarrin Turner-Yell and Patrick Fields specifically need to be better in that area, but Oklahoma just isn't that deep at safety. Don't be surprised if you see more freshman like Jaden Davis, Jeremiah Criddell and Woodi Washington getting some time soon. 

@4WallerOU: Concerns with the back 5 on D. George, I’m really concerned. Also, how mean do you think Bedenbaugh will be this week to the OL?

I thought the back five played OK Saturday. Parnell Motley had some PBUs and of course Bookie had a big night, and I think Jaden Davis could be special at corner. But, like I said above, safety play has to be better and Alex Grinch knows that. He's going to continue to rotate guys in there until he finds the right fit. 

On a scale of 1-10, one being the least and 10 being the most mean, Bill Bedenbaugh will likely be a 12 on Monday. The offensive line made way too many mistakes Saturday. I believe they ended up four holding penalties in the game, and a couple of them just completely killed drives. 

He also might need to take a hard look at left tackle. Erik Sweneson played well against Houston, but he had a rough night against South Dakota. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Marquis Hayes returns, as that may move RJ Proctor back over to left tackle. 

@SoonerInGeorgia: to fix it?

There's no way to "fix" penalties other than to stop doing them. The easy answer is they need to be more disciplined throughout the week leading up to the game. I think part of it is the opponent. I'm sure those guys didn't wake up thinking "can't have dumb mistakes today or it could cost us." Where as that'll be the only thing they're thinking when Big 12 play starts.

@wjmarkham: How long until Jaden Davis starts?

This is a fun question. He looked great, didn't he? He was maybe the best corner on the field for the Sooners Saturday. But either Parnell Motley or Tre Brown is going to have to make a good amount of mistakes for him to start. 

That's not to say he won't play a lot. He's playing a lot now. But Motley and Brown have earned their starting positions, so until they make some crucial mistakes, they'll continue to start there. I'd look at the Texas game as maybe a game where some of those mistakes could happen. 

@jmac_21: Is there a QB controversy for the back up position?

We finally got our first glimpse at Spencer Rattler Saturday, and man, was it impressive. Tanner Mordecai looked good, too. But there's just something about the way Rattler throws that makes it special.

I think Mordecai remains the go-to guy if something were to happen to Jalen Hurts. But if Hurts were out for the season, I wouldn't be shocked if Rattler is the guy to finish out the year because he takes them to a whole other level. 

@zilluh1959: Where’s Lee Morris?

Great question. Lee Morris hasn't caught pass this year yet. I think there's  a couple reasons why: first, he's not playing with Kyler Murray and second, he's just getting lost in the shuffle. 

Morris and Murray had great chemistry last season. It looks like Hurts is going to have that with Lamb this year. And the other issue for Morris is there's just so many playmakers on this offense. You also have to remember Morris got off to a hot start last year while Grant Calcaterra continued to be injured. Calcaterra has been healthy thus far.

@BradyMelton6: My concern is the fan that threw South Dakota’s footballs back to the field instead of out of the stadium.

As someone who has been attending OU games almost my entire life, I was disappointed to see this Saturday. 

What has our society come to where fans can't throw the opposing team's ball out of the stadium? Not cool, guys. Not cool. 

@Davis_Spenser: Are you hurt or injured?


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