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OU football: Baker Mayfield says he was 'embarrassed' for OU after apologizing for planting flag at Ohio State

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Baker Mayfield

Former OU quarterback and Heisman winner Baker Mayfield throws up the OU hand sign during the game against Army Sept. 22.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is not sorry for planting the flag.

In an interview for GQ, the former Heisman-winning quarterback said that he was "embarrassed" for OU when the program asked him to apologize following his famous planting of the flag at the 50-yard line at Ohio Stadium, after the Sooners' 31-16 win over the Buckeyes in 2017.

Across the country, people shook their heads. The flag planting had became another thing. Mayfield says he knew it was a big deal when he heard from the “higher-ups” at Oklahoma that he needed to apologize, which he says was “just jaw-dropping” to him. “I won't even get into it,” he says. Then he gets into it.

Mayfield begins to recount how he was told that that type of display was not what Oklahoma football was about. As he does, you can see him getting worked up. “Actually we won. That's what we're about. I had done so much and worked so hard to play for that school, I was just kinda”—here he pauses to find the words, careful but not too careful—“almost embarrassed for them to tell me to apologize.”

But of course Mayfield did say he was sorry. I begin to ask him how heartfelt that apology actually was, on a scale of 1 to 10, but I can barely get the question out before he answers. “Zero,” he says. He repeats himself forcefully, looking me right in the eye so that I don't miss the point. “Zero. Absolutely not.”

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