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OU football: Alex Grinch talks forcing turnovers, Brendan 'Bookie' Radley-Hiles performance, more after win over South Dakota

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Alex Grinch

OU defensive coordinator Alex Grinch watches the Sooners stretch before the game against Houston Sept. 1.

No. 4 Oklahoma (2-0) took down South Dakota (0-2) Saturday night, 70-14. The defense forced three turnovers, including a pick-six from Brendan 'Bookie' Radley-Hiles.

Here's what Alex Grinch had to say after the game:

On forcing three turnovers

"It’s really good and I obviously didn't hide my frustration last week. That’s something that has to continue for us to play the type of defense we want to play around here, and so it was kind of a you rip the band-aid off type of deal and you get one and you see how it stalls a drive and how it impacts in terms of getting the ball back to the offense, and what you hope is that it becomes infectious. It’s something that we’ve seen in practice, I think the buy in has been good in terms of the guys wanting to do it but certainly you have to do it and then perform on Saturday nights. It was good to get three it was obviously good to get a scoring play on defense."

On Brendan Radley-Hiles performance

"Well it’s gotta continue and what that stems from is doing the right things on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and just sitting next to me doing some radio and he’s not the only one but that's when you wanna win football games, that’s when you earn the right to do the appropriate things on Saturdays. I think through two weeks I’ve been pleased with him and obviously some big time plays. He’s on the other side of the field and punches that ball,that’s a hustle play. If you’re not running that doesn’t just pop into his hands and obviously the interception then take it back for a touchdown. So, I'm excited for him and the message (to him) is to be confident, not comfortable.

On Saturday's performance in comparison with the Houston game

"Well i think you go through with the first week we did get a ball out on the first drive and didn’t fall on it. Why’d they fall on it and why didn’t we? What you can’t do is say t's luck you know it’s the equivalent of throwing up a three pointer and say if it goes in you got lucky and if it doesn’t go in, well sometimes they fall sometimes they don't. There's a skill to it so that’s something we’ve got to continue to evaluate but certainly your right, but the reality is if you don’t try you won’t get it."

On freshman Jaden Davis' interception

“Well, I’m excited about him. He’s a guy that has performed well in fall camp as he’s been with us. I think he was in that 20 play range a week ago because he’s earned it. It's good to see a young guy go out there in those stages and it isn’t too big for him,the lights aren’t too bright for him. To make a real competitive play on the football, that wasn’t an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. So we’re looking for playmakers on every level of our defense, but certainly the secondary. You’ll see is a lot more Jaden Davis.” 

On the second stringers giving up points

“I’m disappointed anytime there’s a scoring play and I’m not gonna stop being disappointed, I don’t care who’s out there. But give them credit for finding a way to get in the end zone a couple times tonight. And you know if there’s an opportunity out there for someone to make a play, then obviously some how some way we didn’t but depth is coaching, so we gotta do a better job coaching those guys and bringing them along.


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