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OU athletics: Lincoln Riley, Alex Grinch, Patty Gasso among Sooner coaches to receive contract reviews, extensions

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Riley and Castiglione

OU coach Lincoln Riley with athletic director Joe Castiglione after the Sooners won the Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl Oct. 12, 2019.

The OU Board of Regents announced contract modifications for 27 total coaches in its meeting Tuesday. Head football coach Lincoln Riley, head softball coach Patty Gasso, head men’s basketball coach Lon Kruger and head women’s basketball coach Sherri Coale were among those reviewed.

Riley, who’s entering his fourth year as OU’s head football coach, agreed to a new six-year contract with a two-year extension which was finalized on Feb. 1. Though he will not receive a pay raise in 2020, Riley’s contract made him the second-highest paid coach in the Big 12 in 2019 and ninth in the country among college football head coaches.

Other football coaches who received contract modifications include Shane Beamer, Bill Bedenbaugh, Alex Grinch, Cale Gundy, Roy Manning, Brian Odom, Dennis Simmons and Calvin Thibodeaux. Each coach received a base salary pay raise to $285,000 and an extension to at least Jan. 31, 2022.

Grinch received the largest overall raise of assistant football coaches, as his salary was increased to $1.8 million annually.

Gasso, entering her 27th season as head softball coach, received an extension to June 30, 2027. The four-time national championship-winning coach was the only softball coach to receive a contract modification.

Kruger, heading into his 10th season at OU, had his contract extended to June 30, 2024. Assistant men’s basketball coaches Carlin Hartman, Jim Molinari and Pooh Williamson received contract extensions to June 30, 2021.

Coale — the Sooners’ head women’s basketball coach since 1996 — agreed to a contract extension through June 30, 2024. Assistant women’s basketball coaches Colton Coale and Jackie Stiles had their contracts extended to June 30, 2021.

Other head coaches that the University provided contract extensions for include: women’s tennis coach Audra Cohen, women’s rowing coach Leeanne Crain, men’s tennis coach Nicholas Crowell, women’s golf coach Veronique Drouin-Luttrell, volleyball coach Lindsey Gray-Walton, men’s golf coach Ryan Hybl, baseball coach Skip Johnson, women’s gymnastics coach K.J. Kindler, men’s wrestling coach Lou Rosselli and men’s gymnastics coach Mark Williams.

Correction: This story was updated at 12:05 p.m. July 29 to reflect Lincoln Riley's salary ranking in comparison to other Big 12 and college football coaches. It was also updated at 12:25 p.m. July 29 to reflect that Patty Gasso is entering her 27th season as head softball coach and the full name of women's golf coach Veronique Drouin-Luttrell.

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