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Oklahoma football: Watch running back Najee Bissoon's speech to protesters on campus

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Najee Bissoon

Oklahoma running back Najee Bissoon speaks to protesters on campus Nov. 16. 

Oklahoma running back Najee Bissoon grabbed a megaphone during Wednesday's protest on campus to tell students to disperse.

Bissoon spoke after OU President David Boren told protesters to stop yelling at the anti-Black Lives Matter demonstrators, and he told the demonstrators they would be arrested if they did not stay on the sidewalk. Bissoon reiterated Boren's message, telling protesters, "there's only one thing that can conquer hate, and that's f*cking love."

"You've always got to be active," Bissoon said in an interview after the demonstrators had left. "As long as you're sitting back and just watching, I feel like you're condoning what's going on. You're letting what's going on take place.

"I took action due to the fact that I saw everyone getting all riled up. I saw everyone getting all angry. I feel like, yeah they have a right to feel that way, but that energy everyone was feeling, if they channel that into the right things, everything will be better, like if we channel that energy into becoming one."

Bissoon also led a prayer after the demonstrators had left.

I refer to it as a puzzle, because here on this campus everybody is different," Bissoon said. "Every puzzle piece is different, but you put all those puzzle pieces together it makes a beautiful picture. And at the end of the day everybody wants society to be better ... and the only way we can do that, to get that beautiful picture, is if we all come together."

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