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NFL requests teams don't use Oklahoma drill due to concussion research

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Ronnie Perkins

Sophomore defensive end Ronnie Perkins goes through drills during spring practice March 7.

The NFL has requested teams stop using impact drills such as the Oklahoma drill in practices after research studying such methods shows negative results.

The league acknowledged the request Tuesday during its spring meeting in Key Biscayne, Florida. The recommendation came in response to data that showed a high rate of concussions during the early part of training camp in recent years. The league convened an April 17 meeting among current and former NFL players, coaches and executives to discuss ways that would address the issue.

Banning certain drills was among the group's recommendations.

The Oklahoma drill, among others, has been used far less frequently in recent years, but its history is rooted in reacquainting players with full contact after the offseason.

Read the full story here, on ESPN.

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