1 Oklahoma Memorial Union

With aroms of Starbucks and Crossroads in the air, studying in one of the Union’s eating areas provides background noise and munchies galore.

“I like to study in the Sooner Schooner room,” says Leighanne Dean, advertising junior. “There’s enough noise so you avoid deafening silence, but everyone else is either studying as well or occupied with their own conversation, so there’s not extraneous amounts of noise.”

For a quieter study area, the main floor of the building offers cozy chairs in Beaird Lounge and popular study tables across from Meacham Auditorium.

2 Couch Restaurants

Students who like a lot activity and noise when studying may like Couch Restaurants. The noise and frequent interuptions may drive some students to give up but others find motivation in visits from friends at the popular destination.

“I can snack while I study and see a bunch of people I know,” says Nathan Sartin, business management sophomore.

3 The Towers

Just as many high school students prefer to do homework in the comfort of their home, many college students enjoy the seclusion of the dorms. Residents of the Towers can access study areas 24/7. Kyler Hermanski, industrial engineering sophomore, says he likes doing homework in the study rooms of the dorms.

“It’s quiet and big enough for study groups,” he says.

4 Oklahoma Memorial Library

The crown of the South Oval provides students with a convenient study location, resources for class and even food. One famed feature is the Great Reading Room. Students who need absolute quiet should check out this glorious sanctuary of silence. Many students unzip backpacks and turn on laptops before entering the room. Disturbing the absolute silence earns you a glare.

Below, the Bookmark Cafe is a great way for library studiers to get a java-fix and stay focused.

Eric Ray, zoology junior, says he likes to study in the library near the Bookmark but he does not isolate himself to one study place on campus.

Other nice study spots:

Catlett Music Center - Margaret Borgerding, international business sophomore, says the Grant Fine Arts library features a large collection of books about art in addition to music.

Price College of Business - The plush earth-toned couches and chairs balance the straight-backed black leather chairs surrounding wooden tables are a study heaven.

Sarkeys Energy Center - Visit the Bedrock Cafe to refuel from hiking to this building.

Cate Main - The convenient location makes Cate Main a popular destination. Relax in a booth with friends and coffee from Roscoe’s.

Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication - Balconey on third floor is good for studying or peeking at football practices.

Collings Hall - Study in quiet nooks with chocolate-hued furniture near the stairs.

Fred Jones Center - The smell of dried paint and pottery wafts through the worn leather sofas in the lounge on the main entry. Venture to the second level for intimate tables for two next to the student art gallery. Take a look at the latest exhibits for a study break.

Gould Hall- Enjoy countless beams of natural light in this cool tiled space.

National Weather Center - Check out the observation deck for a unique study setting. The deck is on the seventh story of the building and offers a great view of Norman.

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