Snow on leaves

The holiday and winter season celebrates connections between people, but with good intentions can come chaos. However, embracing that chaos can bring families and friends closer together.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This saying seems to be more prevalent around the holidays, when the new baby, the cousin’s new wife, the 2-year old twins and the aunt with the teenage son who always disagree are all in the same room, at the same time, for dinner. Something is bound to go wrong, and it inevitably does. The turkey accidentally falls apart on its journey from the pan to the plate, or that first lesson on chopping cranberries ends in a trip to the ER. Someone forgets to put sugar in the dessert they baked. It rains when all of the children play outside, leading to tracked mud on the new light-colored carpet.

            The possibilities for failure and disaster are endless.

            So why continue attempting a nice get-together each and every year if the only result is chaos? Maybe because somehow, in a twisted way, the chaos has a way of bringing closeness among the people involved. Yes, grandmother forgetting to put sugar in her famous homemade desserts causes momentary discomfort for that first salty bite, but it also creates a moment that will always be cherished and laughed about. Perhaps the expected brand new laptop or gaming console ends up being a not-so-pretty hand-knitted sweater, but it somehow means more than an electronic item ever could. So, the kids of the family decided to splash around in puddles; they’re children, what more could be expected? Humans make mistakes, get injured, step on each other’s toes, especially among groups of friends and family, but it is the craziness that is remembered in the long run.

            The havoc of the holiday season may bring out the accident-prone and the underlying controversies, but it is the things that go wrong in life that bring out the best moments. This is a little reminder for you to embrace the chaos this holiday season and don’t fret when things go wrong- the most stressful moments can be the ones to bring the most happiness.

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