Yes, I love Technology

Students can access over 200 computers, checkout laptops and WiFi. The library offers six group study rooms and individual rooms. Sarah Robbins, OU Libraries public relations officer, says students may use an “Ask Us” service for research assistance. Librarians can also be contacted with live chat on the library website, phone, email and appointment.

Bookmark Cafe

Nestled in the library’s basement, the Bookmark Cafe features coffee, tea and snacks for students in need of a study break. Sarah Hilbert, senior history and English major, works in the cafe. She says she likes working there because the atmosphere is laid back and she has the chance to talk to a lot of different people.

“Students don’t have to sit all alone like in the library,” she says. “It’s a good place to study or just hang out.”

Arielle Thoman, cafe supervisor, says students can bring their own cup to save 50 cents on a drink, get a punch card to get every 10th drink free and buy a drink during happy hour every day from 2 to 4 p.m.

Great Reading Room

Harry Potter fans stare when they enter this completely silent room. Even clicking pens will get you a glare from students. Heath Renfrow, political science senior, says his favorite aspects of the library are, “the older parts because of the architecture.”

Reflection Room

Located in Room 214, the space gives students a quiet space for reflection and prayer. Area rugs absorb sound and give the dark space an inviting ambiance.

Oklahoma Canyon Gardon

This hidden garden is located on the bottom level of the library. The best way to reach this treasure is to venture to the basement, find the stairs and head down. Signs guide students through a maze of offices. Once outside, look up from the oasis to see the side of the Clocktower.

Fun Facts

The library contains…

1.6 million photographs

Over 5 million volumes

Over 17,000 feet of archived manuscripts

Over 1.5 million maps

Over 70 incunabula (books published before 1501)

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