People gather around their families and loved ones to celebrate the simple joys of winter.

Lights illuminate the streets and trees of neighborhoods, the smell of freshly baked homemade cookies fills the house and the sound of jingling bells echoes throughout shops. Winter is about looking outside to see nothing but white, sitting around a crackling fire, sipping a nice warm cup of hot chocolate and spending quality with the ones who mean the most to you.  It’s a time for snowball fights, snowmen and snow angels to appear in yards, and for children and adults alike to be covered head to toe in all of their warmest accessories. It’s the one time of year where family and old friends reunite revel in the comfort and warmth of each other. All across the world people briefly slow down their chaotic lives to step back and appreciate the value of family and close friends during the holiday season.

            Winter is all about embracing the holiday spirit and the spirit of giving. Whether rich or poor, young or old, sick or well, the winter season brings on a spirit of hope and restoring the importance of community. All the trees and plants may be dead, but the hopeful and loving spirit of the holiday and winter season remains more alive than ever.

            Winter is about documenting memories and creating moments. Year after year, families pull out the old photo albums and reminisce on the seasons past when everyone came together and made memories they would never forget. Families will add and lose members, but one thing will always remain: the memories. Whether in their physical scrapbooks or in their hearts, the memories of the holiday season are a constant reminder of how love, hope and support can warm our hearts even in the coldest, harshest times.

Despite these cold and harsh conditions, the comfort and warmth that emanates from coming together with loved ones during the holiday and winter season represents this time of the year.


Santiago Restrepo, head volleyball coach

“It’s all about family and loved ones, and getting together and sharing great memories. Christmas really just brings the best out of everyone.”

Zac Stevens, Student Life

“One of my favorite things about the holiday season- it reminds us of what’s really most important in life. We are reminded that giving is better than receiving.”

Jill Tran, Student Life

“I think the Holiday season brings out the best in people. The music, the cheer, the time together with loved ones and most importantly the giving spirit.”

Sherri Coale, head women’s basketball coach

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