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'The most rewarding experience': OU Daily copy chief thanks community for sharing stories, trust, passion

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Daniella Peters

Daniella Peters is The Daily’s copy chief and is a professional writing and Spanish senior. When she’s in the newsroom, she loves to read, edit and consume sugar in vast quantities, preferably in the form of a Sonic drink and/or Runts candy.

When I started at The Daily in February 2017, I thought to myself, “This is only temporary.” Having grown up with series like “The Hunger Games” and the “Uglies” — and having spent entirely too much time reading and critiquing others’ stories on Wattpad — I’d entered college with a dream of someday working in the publishing industry as an editor of YA fiction. 

This was still my dream when I walked into the newsroom as a shy, nervous freshman and began my first shift on the copy desk, hidden away in the corner of the newsroom. I didn’t talk to anyone unless I had to message them a question on Slack so I could do my job properly, and I figured my menial role would just be a way for me to get some editing experience until I could find a publishing-related job elsewhere on campus or online. As that semester progressed, though, I gave The Daily, OU and its people a chance to work their way into my heart. 

I never got around to looking for that other job, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In the just over three years since I started at The Daily, I’ve made countless memories and friendships to last a lifetime, and I've learned a lot about myself along the way. 

To the rambunctious news reporter whom I met through News Academy and who went on to become one of the best editors-in-chief we’ve ever had: Thank you for being the first to help me feel welcome and supported at The Daily, not only in the newsroom but also as a true friend beyond work and academics. You were right — learning to delegate and take breaks every once in a while has made life a lot better. 

To my pals on copy and design, past and present: You inspired me as a young editor and now give me hope for the future of The Daily and OU. Thank you for your hard work, patience, tomfoolery, laughter and perseverance through all the productions, all the breaking news days, even all the slow days where your job is tedious and may seem to go unnoticed — I see how much you care about making our work the best it can be, for both our writers and our readers, and that passion will make the world a better place. Bring that passion with you wherever you go, and never give up. 

To everyone I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know during my time at The Daily: I’m so, so proud to have grown and worked alongside all of you, and I can’t thank you enough for all the ways you have inspired me and helped me become a better coworker, a better leader and, most importantly, a better friend. 

I never expected to fall in love at The Daily, but I did. I say this both to an individual (you know who you are) and to the members of our community at OU and in Norman. It’s been the most rewarding experience of my life to read and edit your stories — and to make sure we're getting them right, telling them with fairness and accuracy — throughout three unforgettable years of university history and change. Thank you for trusting us to tell those stories. 

I still hope to work in publishing someday if this whole journalistic copy editing thing doesn’t work out, but saying my goodbyes over the past couple of weeks has made one thing very clear: 

I’ve already found my dream here at OU and at The Daily, surrounded by people who are passionate about getting to know you, our community, and telling your stories as best as we can. That camaraderie and love of storytelling was what made me want to work in publishing in the first place, and my friends at The Daily exemplify that passion better than anyone. 

So, again, thank you. You’ve made every late night, every checked fact, every Slack message worth it — I care about you all a whole lot, and that’s not temporary. That’s forever. 

Copy chief

Daniella Peters is a Spanish and professional writing senior and copy chief at The Daily.

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