Opinion: Sooner fans need to be more supportive now than ever

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Kenneth Murray

Freshman linebacker Kenneth Murray grabs a hold of his opponent Oct. 7.

Let me start by saying I was just as shocked and saddened by our loss to Iowa State as everybody else last Saturday. It was a rough game to watch. But despite the loss, our student section needs to show up and needs to show up stronger than ever. Last weekend’s loss was a terrible blow, but not a fatal one. If OU wins out the remaining season and wins the Big 12 Championship game, there is a strong possibility they will make it to the College Football Playoff. Both Ohio State and Clemson lost to unranked teams at home and went on to win the National Title. Our student section needs to continue to cheer this team on and not give up because of one loss. 

This season, I have noticed that our student section hasn’t necessarily been as strong as it could be. When the band starts for pre-game the stands in the student section often aren’t full. I understand that it can take a while to get into the stadium but that just means we should show up earlier so we can be there to participate in the cheering before the game starts. Our students often leave at the half if we are blowing a team out. I understand that it can be boring to watch a team completely dominate another, but you never know what can happen in college football and it would be awful if a team suddenly rallied in the second half and the student section wasn’t there to be loud. I also understand that 11 a.m. games are less than ideal. I love to get sleep at every opportunity possible, so getting up at 8:30 a.m. for an 11 a.m. game is rough. But we go to the University of Oklahoma, a school with one of the most storied football programs of all time. In fact, the AP has OU’s football program ranked as the second best of all time. Getting up early shouldn’t stop us from attending a game, even if it is against an unranked team.  

To be able to be a part of the OU student section is truly a wonderful opportunity. Not many universities can say they have a football program as storied as ours. Our student season tickets are extremely reasonable in their pricing and we should take full advantage of that. College flies by and this is the best opportunity to be a part of a truly special tradition. We can sleep in on other days. The bars and parties can wait. We should show our team and opposing teams just how special Oklahoma Football is and just how much our team means to us by being the rowdiest, loudest and most spirited student section in the nation. We should cheer at every game like it’s a game for the national title. There is only one Oklahoma after all. Boomer Sooner!  

Kyle Meyer is a guest columnist for The Daily.

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