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Letter to the editor: SGA becoming a liberal-leaning organization

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The Student Government Association Undergraduate Student Congress has an issue that has not been talked about enough on campus. This issue is that SGA is becoming a liberal-leaning organization.

SGA is not an organization that is supposed to be partisan and make political statements. It is an organization that is supposed to help address problems or issues that are happening on campus.

In the few weeks that I have been a part of SGA Undergraduate Student Congress, they have passed or proposed several bills that make partisan political statements. A bill that recently passed after being heavily amended, was a bill that made a statement saying that Gov. Mary Fallin and the 31 other governors who have said they will reject Syrian refugees is unconstitutional and that we should accept these refugees. This is completely inappropriate.

First, this has nothing to do with what is going on at OU and has no effect on the students here. Second, the people passing this bill do not have the intelligence that our government has. And finally, this statement makes our organization look like a liberal group trying to push a liberal agenda.

Another statement that SGA passed was one that said, “The Student Government Association of Oklahoma disagrees with Governor Greg Abbott and his decision to let students have concealed carry on campus.” This is totally unacceptable. It is not our place to get involved with what is going on in Texas state politics and to be frank, I don’t think Abbott cares whether or not the SGA at OU disagrees with him. This organization is taking a wrong turn by passing things such as that.

This past weekend, I was in Nashville, Tennessee, at a Young America's Foundation's Freedom Conference. At the conference, they spoke about how many college student government associations have a liberal biased. Unfortunately that is what I am starting to see at OU.

I would like to see more bills that address free speech on campus. This is something that we are seeing decline not only at OU but on campuses all across America. Students are being silenced for having opposing viewpoints. I would like to see more free speech promoted on the campus of this great university.

I respect my colleagues in congress, and I love how passionate they are. We just can’t afford to spend our time on making political statements.

Kyle Meyer is a political science freshman and a member of OU's Undergraduate Student Congress.

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