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Unheard students explain agenda for improving cultural awareness

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In addition to linking arms and tape shut their mouths, participants hold up signs to let people passing by know that OU's black community is not being heard.

As The Oklahoma Daily’s editorial board, we share our view with OU students every day. However, today we are making an exception for a group that feels silent on campus. We urge students to read the following message from Unheard, an alliance of black OU students who want to change the university's representation of black students as well as make black OU students feel included in the university community.

Unheard is an alliance of black students from the University of Oklahoma organizing for change within the campus administration and atmosphere at the university. Our primary areas of focus revolve around the lack of representation and continuous support on campus. Some of the issues which we are organizing include, but are not limited to: black faculty beyond the African-American studies department, retention rates among black students, financial assistance/scholarships received by black students, supportive programs for black students, “The Sooner Experience,” lack of a presence within executive hierarchy and equitable funding for black student organizations.

Unheard, the framework for campus-wide change over the next year, is largely devoid of diverse student input. Unheard is composed of nine seats, all of which are held by undergraduate students. Of these, students are represented from the University of Oklahoma’s College of Arts & Science, College of Engineering, Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy and the Michael F. Price College of Business.

Such a movement is solely dedicated to enact change and address various grievances aimed toward black students at the University of Oklahoma.

The student body has taken on this movement in the best interest of the university and the University of Oklahoma’s student body in its entirety. We, as members of OU’s community and the black community, are passionate about creating a culturally aware and inclusive campus atmosphere for current and incoming students that allows for “the best possible educational experience for our students through excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service to the state and society,” as described in OU's mission statement. 


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