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Verilife reports Oklahoma has second highest marijuana dispensaries per capita

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Green Buffalo (copy)

Green Buffalo dispensary on Campus Corner. 

Oklahoma ranks second in states with the most marijuana dispensaries per capita, according to a report by Verilife.

With 608 dispensaries in the state, there are 15.6 per 100,000 residents. Norman, which has 26 dispensaries, is also 7th in cities with most dispensaries per capita at 14.1 per 50,000 residents.

Matt Zajechowski, content strategist for Verilife, said researchers were surprised at Oklahoma’s “boom” in dispensaries. 

“It’s definitely something that really shocked us, (Oklahoma being) comparable to the amount of dispensaries in Oregon, which was only about 50 more,” Zajechowski said. “And only about 150 less than Colorado, which are two states where people associate with marijuana usage, being … in the first couple of states to (legalize recreational marijuana).”

But with the law legalizing medical marijuana still new, Oklahoma collected the least amount of tax revenue from marijuana in 2018 at only $70,000, according to the report.

“I would expect the 2019 number, when we have it, to be far higher,” said Zajechowski.

Verilife, a U.S. chain of marijuana dispensaries, started collecting the data in November of 2018. Oklahoma’s data is current as of Jan. 22, Zajechowski said. 

“(Verilife) wanted to provide some awareness both to their customers and their states," Zajechowski said, "to kind of find out where are the most dispensaries located and then just kind of be a general awareness piece for the rest of the public."

Zajechowski said Verilife’s report specifically counted brick-and-mortar dispensary locations, not including all dispensary licenses.

Along with ranking states, Verilife also listed the top 30 cities with the most dispensaries per capita. Oklahoma has nine cities in the top 30, more than any other state. 

The revenue data for 2019 should be available in the next few months, Zajechowski said. 

Jana Allen is a journalism junior and the Daily's enterprise reporter. She was formerly a news reporter, and held several editor positions on the news desk before transitioning to enterprise.

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