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University responds to alleged OU students use of blackface, racial slur

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Blackface Video Tweet

Editor's note: Since this story has been published, Tri Delta has confirmed a member's involvement in the video and OU President James Gallogly and Interim Vice President for University Community Jane Irungu have condemned the incident. The SGA and Panhellenic presidents have also advocated for steps to be taken to prevent further incidents such as these and the Black Student Association has given a list of demands to the university in response to the video. The student who filmed the video has since been removed from the Tri Delta sorority.

A video tweeted by an OU student Friday depicts an OU student using blackface and a racial slur.

The video was originally posted on an OU student’s Snapchat and then recorded and posted in a tweet. The Daily has confirmed the individual in blackface as Olivia Urban and the individual filming as Francie Ford. The video now has thousands of views and has led to a response from the university.

The office of University Community has released a statement that it is aware of the situation and confirmed it was posted by an OU student. The university will be following up with the students, according to the statement.

The Daily reached out to the two individuals identified in the video, and will update our coverage with any further information.

Update: This post was updated at 10:37 p.m. to reflect the identities of the individuals in the video.

Jana Allen is a journalism junior and the Daily's enterprise reporter. She was formerly a news reporter, and held several editor positions on the news desk before transitioning to enterprise.

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