1. How the OU community came together around one Sooner

A possible suicide attempt was averted on Monday, Nov. 10, when a student broke a window to the 12th floor of Adams Center’s Tarman Tower and proceeded to sit on the ledge for about an hour before returning inside. Social media flooded with posts showing support for him, and students gathered on the Walker-Adams Mall to pray and show support while they waited for him to come inside.

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2. Why students and the media will now be able to obtain formerly withheld OU parking ticket records

The Daily published a front-page editorial Wednesday, Nov. 12, announcing that it was joining a lawsuit against the university for not releasing OU parking ticket records that Daily staffers believe should be public under the Oklahoma Open Records Act. By 3:30 p.m. that day, OU President David Boren announced that the records would be available to the public.

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3. What street is closed to make room for an outdoor living room

Farmer Street, the street south of Headington Hall between Jenkins Avenue and George Avenue, closed for good on Friday, Nov. 7, to join the green spaces on either side of of it. The area will become an outdoor living room near Headington Hall and the future residential colleges, with the addition of trees, plants, picnic tables and benches.

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4. How OU researchers are studying how to keep young adults smoke-free

A health and exercise science professor is overseeing three studies that look at smoking patterns among women in sororities, men in fraternities and e-cigarette users. While previous studies have shown that many young people start smoking socially at a bar, this study will try to determine patterns in college-age smokers who take on long-term smoking habits.

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5. Who OU football might be lacking for the rest of the regular season

Senior linebacker Geneo Grissom suffered a sprained MCL during the game against Texas Tech on Saturday and could miss the rest of the regular season, coach Bob Stoops announced in his post-game press conference.

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Arianna Pickard is an online journalism senior who currently serves as online editor for The Daily. Arianna previously worked as The Daily's continuous news editor, campus news editor and a campus reporter.

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