The Children's Hospital at OU Medicine receives award for work promoting safe infant sleep

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The OU Medical Center. The Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine is the first in Oklahoma to receive the Cribs for Kids National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification at the gold level.

The Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine has received an award for its work to provide safe infant sleep. 

The Children’s Hospital is the first in the state to receive the Cribs for Kids National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification at the gold level, according to a press release sent Thursday. 

The certification requires success in practices and educational efforts to provide safe infant sleep, according to the release. Among the performance requirements are educational programs for parents with infants, training programs to teach hospital team members adherence to the infant safe sleep policy and program evaluation for Cribs for Kids.

“As the state’s most comprehensive resource for children’s health care, The Children’s Hospital perpetually seeks areas in which to demonstrate its commitment to patient- and family-centered care,” said Dr. Tena Fry, from the women’s and newborn services at the Children’s Hospital, in the release. “The Cribs for Kids designation as a Gold Safe Sleep Champion is the culmination of a unified and coordinated team effort.”

Fry said in the release that their practices work to build confidence in new parents.

“Sleep safety warrants a high level of awareness, and we embrace opportunities to be part of this nurturing patient/provider partnership,” Fry said. “We strive to support them in ways that ensure healthy babies and build parents’ confidence in caring for their infants.”

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