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SGA candidates announced

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Business management sophomore Emery Cole Skelton discusses issues involving fire arms within campus vicinity during the meeting on Tuesday February 17. On of the problems addressed was State Bill 461, which would allow students on campus to legally carry concealed or unconcealed weapons on public school property. Congress passed a resolution opposing the bill. 

The candidates for the Student Government Association election on March 31 and April 1 were announced today.

The candidates are running for Campus Activities Council chairperson, Housing Center Student Association president, Student Bar Association president and Undergraduate Student Congress Academic District Representative seats.

CAC Chairperson:

John Pham, pre-med: psychology junior

Matthew Rogers, marketing & sports management junior

Chloe Tadlock, sports management senior

HCSA President:

Elissa Ungerman, human relations junior

SBA President:

Samuel Mechant, law graduate student

Undergraduate Congress Representative Seats: 

Fine Arts District

Austin Reid,  drama-acting sophomore

Business District

Lauren Long, finance and energy management junior

Xiaoyi Chen, accounting and management information systems junior

Eric Hughes, energy management junior

Maxell Nguyen, economics freshman

Emery Cole Skelton, management sophomore

Cari Anne Cashon, sports management senior

Lillian M. Trinh, marketing sophomore

Ricky Walker, supply chain management freshman

Communication District

J.D. Baker, public relations sophomore

Jenna Henderson, human relations sophomore

Jordan Pearse, communication sophomore

Alyssa Witt, human relations senior


Cassie Scott, special education senior

Earth & Energy

Ratnesh Rao, petroleum engineering sophomore

Nate Johnson, petroleum engineering sophomore

Christopher Carter, petroleum engineering sophomore


Paulius Velesko, electrical engineering junior

Alyass Hasan, mechanical engineering senior

Hawi Burka Kebede, chemical engineering freshman

Madison James, chemical engineering junior

Life Sciences

Liza Marhanka, biology sophomore

Social Science

Morgan Benjamin, public affairs and administration junior

Tyler Self, political science sophomore

Zach Carlton, political science sophomore

Hunter W. Mattocks, political science junior

Kaylee Rains, political science sophomore

University College

Taylor Finley, accounting freshman

Joshua Shumway, petroleum engineering freshman

Sarah Steward, international business freshman

Meghan Roper, entrepreneurship freshman

Akash Bhojwani, finance sophomore

Chelsea Brown, political science freshman

Daniel Holland, letters sophomore

Tave Wise, entrepreneurship freshman


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