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Search for David Boren's successor: Recap of progress, preview of next steps

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OU Board of Regents

The Board of Regents met Oct. 1 at OU's Health Sciences Center to discuss the presidential search committee. 

Since OU President David Boren announced his retirement, the OU Board of Regents formed a presidential search committee that has heard stakeholder concerns and will work with a search firm to identify candidates.

Here's a recap of the search progress so far and a preview of what's to come:

The search firm will now help to identify possible candidates from across the nation based on the requests of stakeholders and the committee. The committee will then narrow down the list to eventually present its choices to the Regents. The committee’s charge from the Regents states that it must submit at least five highly qualified candidates.

“We’re just doing homework right this minute,” at-large committee member David Rainbolt said.

As the list becomes shorter, the search firm will do background checks, Rainbolt said. He said the heavy-duty committee work of selection, prioritization, screening, filtering and debating will probably not begin until January.

“Because there’s different constituencies on this committee and different preferences, you know, out of 17 people, you can bet that we’re not all going to have the same group as our favorites,” Rainbolt said. “So the committee itself has got to discuss these candidates and come to a conclusion as to ones that are reasonably in the final group and probably ones that don’t necessarily have the same skill set or strengths and weaknesses.”

Hannah Pike is a professional writing and economics senior. She is a freelance reporter, who was previously a senior news reporter covering the administration. Last summer, she interned on the business desk for The Oklahoman.

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