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OU updates COVID-19 dashboard to reflect data up to Sept. 11

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Graphic of people wearing masks September 3. Students miss classes while waiting to be cleared by Goddard after filling out COVID-19 reporting tool, despite negative test results.

OU’s COVID-19 dashboard has been updated with new data on COVID-19 cases on campus, showing a decrease in positive tests at Goddard Health Center from Sept. 10 to Sept. 11.  

On Sept. 10, 12 positive cases were recorded. Eighty tests were conducted among on-campus housing students by OU Medicine, with five positive tests reported. 

On the same day, Goddard Health Services recorded 64 tests, with seven positive tests reported. 

Sept. 11 saw five positive COVID-19 tests reported with three recorded through Goddard and two by OU Medicine’s testing. The positive test results chart on the dashboard represents only tests conducted at Goddard Health Center.

Sept. 10 registered a percentage of 10.94 percent of positive tests while Sept. 11 data showed 4.40 percent of the 68 tests conducted that day were positive. 

As of Sept.12, 226 individuals are in self-isolation or quarantine either due to exposure to COVID, symptoms or a positive test result. Eight of the isolating individuals are staff, three are faculty and 215 are students. Of those, 84 people are isolating due to a positive test, 98 are isolating due to exposure, and 34 are isolating due to household exposure.

The City of Norman dashboard registered 103 new cases on Sept. 10 and 70 cases on Sept. 11, with 2,672 total as of Sept. 14. As of Sept. 14, the Oklahoma State Department of Health has reported 35 deaths and 1,998 recoveries in Norman. 

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