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OU Undergraduate Student Congress passes act to limit campaign contributions

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SGA oct 6

Nathan Thompson, associate legislative assistant to the executive branch and SGA election Chair Abbey Taylor present legislation at last night's SGA Congress meeting.

The Undergraduate Student Congress gathered to consider new campaigning procedures as Student Government Association begins the process for elections.

In a form of legislation labeled “Election Reform Act,” Congress hopes to improve the election process by restricting the amount of funding a candidate can receive.

Congress wanted to limit the campaign contributions to $100 per organization to make this fairer in cases where members have more connections, Election Chair Abbey Taylor said.

This legislation was particularly aimed at candidates who are members of a fraternity or sorority, Taylor said.

Many questions were asked over this proposition at the Student Government Assembly meeting, such as how SGA proposes to enforce this resolution.

Candidates would be expected to fill out expense reports before and after the campaign process to ensure they are aware of their spending, Taylor said.

Taylor met with Campus Activities Council chair candidates that campaigned last year, she said.

The candidates said it would not cause any problems and would not be too suffocating to the SGA candidates running for office, Taylor said.

At the meeting, a hostile amendment was proposed but was objected to by Congress as a whole. This led to a role call vote, which was passed by a majority.

By passing this amendment, the election procedures are changed in time for Congress to allow filing for student candidacy.

Taylor said that the polling sites around campus will be open longer, and the elections will be available on OrgSync as well.

This article was corrected at 11:24 a.m. on Oct. 7, 2015 to reflect that the $500 campaign fund limit was set in 2014 and was not a new change made at the Tuesday, Oct. 6 Undergraduate Student Congress meeting. The ten percent overdraft on campaign funds, which results in disqualification, was also a change made previously, and not at Tuesday's meeting. The previous information has been deleted since the change did not exist. 

Brianna Sims is a journalism freshman and news reporter at the Daily.

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