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OU to host former NASA flight controller for talk on role in Apollo missions

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Bill Weppner

OU alum and former NASA flight controller Bill Weppner will host a talk at Felgar Hall Nov. 21.

OU will host former NASA flight controller Bill Weppner to talk about his experience working on the Apollo missions.

The Gallogly College of Engineering will host Weppner today at Felgar 300 from 4:306:30 p.m. Weppner will discuss what it’s like to work at NASA, be a flight controller and be a part of missions that have made a lasting impact on humanity, according to an event post on the OU campus calendar. 

Weppner, an OU alumnus, worked as a flight controller for Apollo missions 8 to 13 in the late '60s to the early '70s.

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics secretary and aerospace engineering student Kaley Hassell said in a phone interview she hopes the talk will get the community excited about space. 

“I hope that by showing his passion for sharing his story and everything that ... it'll not only inspire others to pursue a career in aerospace, but get the people that are currently pursuing a career super hyped and just excited,” Hassell said. 

Hassell said Weppner will bring pictures and other items from his time at NASA.

“Actually, he had the actual mission plan for Apollo 11, the printout that he got when he worked as a flight controller,” Hassell said. “I got to sift through it, and it's just — I just can't believe I'm like touching a piece of history.”

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