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OU students, alumni form OKHealthBlog to provide Oklahomans with 'reliable resource' for health-related news

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The OKHealthBlog logo.

An OU senior assembled a team of students and OU alumni to create a blog for Oklahomans to access “correct” and “comprehensive” health news.

In an interview with The Daily, OKHealthBlog President and community health and microbiology senior Anshule Takyar said he founded OKHealthBlog. He said his goal was to give students a platform to write about health and health care issues. 

“We want to use this platform to talk about stories that have been published already and write our own stories so that people know what the issues are,” Takyar said. “When (thinking) about who to elect at the local level, or state level or just what they should be talking about or thinking about when issues come up in our state, (Oklahomans) should be informed and ready to actually make an informed decision about their health care.” 

Takyar said the organization’s “primary goal” is to reach Oklahomans on health-related issues. He said anybody can contribute to the blog through a submission form

“We want this to be something where, going forward, a lot of different Oklahomans feel comfortable writing on the blog or contributing in some way,” Takayr said. “It’ll start at OU, but I want it to grow into a reliable resource about health care in Oklahoma.” 

Takyar said OKHealthBlog has eight officers, including current and former OU students. Besides Takyar, current student participants include public relations director and public health and psychology junior Fizza Sattar, editing coordinator and community health and letters senior Ananya Bhaktaram and data manager and community health and sociology senior Andrew Kim. Alumni include public relations director Sana Raza, website designer Zeeshawn Beg, writing coordinator Jennifer Pusavat and reader engagement coordinator Sabrina Ton. 

“When I decided to start this, I reached out to a few friends who I thought would be interested in creating the blog and who I knew had the skillset to make the blog a reality,” Takyar said. “We have a dedicated editing team that will fact check and curate articles, but our focus is being a platform for health communication.” 

OKHealthBlog is set to launch on Mar. 8. To find the blog link when it launches, visit @okhealthblog on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Alexia Aston joined The Daily in the fall of 2020 as a news reporter. Alexia is a journalism major from Clinton, Oklahoma.

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