OU student files lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct by former OU Vice President Tripp Hall, brings public accusers to 3

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An OU student filed a lawsuit Monday accusing former OU Vice President of University Development Tripp Hall of sexual misconduct, according to an article from NonDoc.

Current OU student Andrew Wisdom is the third person to publicly accuse Hall of inappropriate sexual advances. Wisdom’s allegations are part of an ongoing investigation from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, according to NonDoc, which reported the OSBI received access in September 2019 to email communications between Hall and Wisdom. 

According to the lawsuit, Wisdom met Hall through an honors reading group in fall 2017, and their relationship grew to “one of a personal nature.” The lawsuit alleges that Hall manipulated Wisdom under “the guise of mentorship and friendship.”

Wisdom received a text message from Hall on Jan. 8, 2019 according to the lawsuit, two months after Hall was terminated from his position at the university in November 2018. Hall then invited Wisdom to his home the following day, where the lawsuit alleges that Hall initiated sexual contact with Wisdom. According to the lawsuit, Wisdom “at no time” consented to any sexual acts.

“(Wilson) has experienced prolonged severe emotional and physical pain and suffering,” the lawsuit reads, “as a direct consequence of (Hall)’s acts against him.”

Wisdom is seeking damages for “emotional and physical pain and suffering” and healthcare costs, as well as “actual, compensatory and punitive damages in excess of $75,000.”

Wisdom is the second to file a civil lawsuit after OU employee Levi Hilliard sued Hall in June 2019. Hilliard and former OU employee Jess Eddy accused Hall of sexual assault and battery in March 2019.

Read more in the NonDoc story here.

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