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OU Staff Senate chair releases letter to OU staff community reduction in force

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CART bus (copy)

A CART bus driving through the intersection of Asp Avenue and Lindsey Street June 13. OU Staff Senate Chair Justin Daniels released a letter to the OU staff community following a reduction in force which affected employees of CART and other staff members.

Justin Daniels, chair of the OU Staff Senate, released a letter to the OU staff community following a reduction in force Thursday.

In the letter, Daniels said the last 12 months have been a significant challenge to “our strong and proud community,” mentioning previous layoffs and racist incidents that the staff has dealt with.

“We have sacrificed everything for this great institution we love. We have dedicated ourselves to this university that is in the fibers of our soul and the pieces of our heart. And yet again today we are challenged,” Daniels said in the letter.

Daniels said in the letter that the changes were necessary to ensure a sustainable budget in the future, and that the Staff Senate is continuing to work with the administration to make sure the budget is sustainable moving forward.

The Staff Senate worked closely with human resources and interim OU President Joseph Harroz to ensure policies regarding a reduction in force were followed, Daniels said in the letter.

The university has reduced staff by a total of 136 FTE employees since July 2018, according to the OU press release that announced the reduction in force. The total staff reduction since July 2018 amounts to .94 percent of the workforce, according to the release.

“We will continue to work with administration,” Daniels said in the letter, “and we are hopeful we will begin to see things improving for our staff community.”

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Scott Kirker is a letters and Spanish senior and summer editor-in-chief of The Daily. Previously he worked as a news reporter covering research and administrative searches.

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