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OU SGA Undergraduate Congress discuss CAC special election, OU masking policies during first fall meeting

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sga 4/28 meeting

Members of the Undergraduate Student Congress meet via Zoom on April 28.

The SGA Undergraduate Congress discussed the Campus Activities Council special election and a resolution in support of the OU masking policy in its first meeting of the semester Tuesday evening.

The first bill presented was over the CAC special election.

According to the text of the bill, it was presented to state the reason for this special election — the election in the spring was invalidated by the Superior Court —  and the time for the election, three weeks after the bill is passed. 

In regards to the bill, two hostile amendments were presented. The first amendment called for the candidates to be banned from promoting themselves in registered student organizations’ Groupme chats, and failed to pass with a vote of 8-18-2. 

Another hostile amendment was presented to remove the three-week mandate for the election and instead leave the date of the election up to the SGA president. It failed to pass with a vote of 10-18-0.

Shortly after the amendments were voted on, the bill was called to a vote and passed 26-0-1.

After the bill passed, the congress moved on to the resolution, in which they outlined OU’s masking policies and encouraged everyone in the OU community to adhere to these guidelines. The resolution had no argument and passed 27-0-0.

After follow-up reports, the congress decided to skip the final roll call and adjourned the meeting.

“I think the meeting went really well, I was really excited we had a lot of engagement on the first meeting, even though we only had two bills to look at today,” chair Savanah Patterson said after the meeting.

Patterson also discussed the plan for SGA Congress this semester.

“Mostly this semester, it is going to be procedural-based, we have redistricting coming up,” Patterson said, “we are doing election reform for elections across campus, those are going to be our big projects this semester, and our other communities are still really trying to figure out where to go.”

Patterson said the goals of the congress are to represent the student body accurately. 

“We represent the student body, I want to emphasize that the student body is fully capable of coming to our meetings every Tuesday and bringing their problems to us.”

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