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OU’s latest reported payment to Jones Day law firms pushes total bill past $1.5 million

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Boren walk in (copy)

President Boren walks into the Will Rogers Room April 21.

OU has issued another payment to the law firm hired to investigate sexual harassment allegations against former OU President David Boren and misreported alumni giving numbers during Boren’s presidency.

According to an article Friday by The Oklahoman, the university paid another $489,367 to Jones Day in July. The total payments to Jones Day now exceed $1.5 million.

The Daily reported in December 2018 OU had hired the law firm as early as early summer 2018 to investigate alumni donorship data reported to U.S. News & World Report after it was discovered the university had been providing falsified data since 1999.

Jones Day later began investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Boren by OU graduate Jess Eddy.

Following the June 27 OU Board of Regents meeting, Chairman Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes told The Daily that OU’s work with Jones Day had ended.

“They’ve made their report. I’m not aware of any ongoing work that we’re doing with Jones Day at this time,” Rainbolt-Forbes said.

A university spokesperson told The Daily July 11 that the payments reported this week are not new, but part of a payment plan that was previously determined.

On July 12, a university spokesperson told The Daily that OU does not expect any more large-scale payments to Jones Day, but said there was a possibility for smaller "clean-up" payments for miscellaneous fees charged by the law firm.

This post was updated at 11:58 to include a July 12 comment from a university spokesperson.

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