OU's annual Sooner Safety and Fire Report reveals increase in sexual violence, decrease in drug-related arrests

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Editor's note: This story includes statistics of reported sexual violence.

OU released its annual Sooner Safety and Fire Report detailing crime statistics for the Norman campus from 2016 to 2018.

The Clery Act requires publicly funded universities to release annual crime and security policy information. This year’s report saw an increase in sexual violence and a decrease in liquor law violations resulting in arrests and drug law violations resulting in arrests. 

According to the report, rape crime reports more than doubled, from 20 total cases in 2016 to 41 in 2018. Reported cases of fondling increased from four in 2016 to 18 in 2018. These numbers also include attempted rape and fondling.

According to a 2018 Department of Justice report, the national rate of sexual violence increased from 1.4 victims age 12 and older per 1,000 people in 2017 to 2.7 per 1,000 in 2018. The same document shows the rate of cases of sexual violence reported to law enforcement declined from 40.4 percent in 2017 to 24.9 percent in 2018.

Liquor law violations resulting in arrests at OU decreased from 32 total arrests in 2017 to 19 arrests in 2018. The number increased from seven total arrests in 2016.

While liquor law violations resulting in arrest increased over the three-year period, the general trend in recent years has been a decline, The Daily reported based on last year’s Sooner Safety and Fire Report. OU Police Department Maj. Bruce Chan said at the time that a reason for the trend of overall decline could be an increasing use of ride-sharing services, though he did not know for sure.

Drug law violations resulting in arrests decreased from 154 total arrests in 2016 to 88 in 2018.

Other numbers from the report include 17 total reported cases of domestic violence in 2018, down from 22 cases in 2017. Dating violence saw a decrease from 18 cases reported in 2017 to 12 in 2018, and reported cases of stalking decreased from 19 in 2017 to 14 in 2018.

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