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OU releases results of strategic framework survey evaluating university priorities

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Evans Hall (copy)

Evans Hall Oct. 31.

Interim OU President Joseph Harroz announced in a Wednesday email the results of an online survey distributed on Oct. 9 to determine the future priorities of OU.

According to the email, the survey had more than 5,000 responses, and most people indicated OU should be a place of opportunity and excellence. Among the responses, more than 2,000 were from alumni.

“Your collective voice said that OU has a sacred mission as a public institution to welcome all those with talent and drive, and to foster an environment for success,” Harroz said in the email. “You said that OU must be affordable and inclusive.”

According to a detailed results page included in the email, some of the top priorities for students and alumni were to keep OU affordable. Top priorities for faculty, staff, chairs/directors and administrators were to pay faculty and staff competitively. 

The email also contained a word cloud with words from survey responses that represent the university community. Among the most repeated words from those surveyed were “diverse,” “innovative,” “competitive” and “excellence.”

The results of the survey will help the President’s Academic Programs and Budget Advisory Committee (PAPBAC) determine the final strategic framework to “define our vision for the next generation of excellence,” Harroz said in the email. PAPBAC has also been meeting with students, faculty, staff and alumni.

“Our goal remains to present a version of the strategic framework to the Board of Regents in January,”  Harroz said in the email.

This story was updated at 8:58 p.m. Nov. 19 to remove a paragraph regarding confusion over the raw number of survey participants. An explanation of the raw number of participants can be found in a footnote with an asterisk in the original email sent to OU community members.

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