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OU reduced expenses by $4.7 million in Nov. 1 layoffs, documents show

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An OU sign on the South Oval Nov. 8.

New details about the Nov. 1 staff layoffs show that the university reduced expenses by roughly $4.7 million that day, according to records obtained by The Daily.

The documents showed that OU President James Gallogly instructed departments to identify areas where cost reductions could occur. Many of the departments had to eliminate staff because their operating budgets were already “so constrained” they could not meet the budget reductions without cutting employees.

The various departments used performance evaluations and seniority of employees to decide which employees would be let go, which is in accordance with the staff handbook policy, according to the records.

Highlights of the records include:

Office of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Price College

  • One position was eliminated for a total of $99,982 in savings.


Center for Economic and Management Resources in Price College

  • Two positions were eliminated for a total of $128,519 in savings.


Office of the Dean in Price College

  • Two positions were eliminated for a total of $165,413 in savings.


Office of Budget and Financial Planning

  • One position was eliminated for a total of $39,600 in savings.



  • Facilities Management was “encouraged” to identify cost reductions that would cut its previous budget of $7.6 million by 50 percent.

  • Material costs were cut, which included transferring maintenance of vehicles to fleet services, eliminating seasonal and temporary labor and reducing overtime, among other things.

  • Fixed costs were also cut, including the sale of landscaping vehicles and the elimination of 18 gardeners, three irrigation employees, three construction operators and two mowing employees.

  • Total savings amounted to roughly $3.4 million, with a bulk of the savings coming from gardener layoffs amounting to $688,248.

  • Facilities Management leadership asked that employment options like transferring departments be offered and facilitated for laid off employees.


Office of the Vice President for Research

  • The three offices closed were deemed not to have a large impact on receiving or spending more research money for actual research, and the offices duplicated functions happening elsewhere on campus.

  • A Senior Research Scientist had previously been employed by the vice president for research to oversee a project, but was still getting paid roughly $66,666 even though the project had ended.

  • Total savings is roughly $872,417.

Kayla Branch is a journalism senior and The Daily's enterprise editor. Previously, she has been the editor-in-chief, a news editor and covered the student government as a reporter.

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