OU professor to host event for sexual assault survivors to share stories on South Oval

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Meredith Worthen

Meredith Worthen, professor of feminist criminology and LGBTQ studies, poses for a photo in her office in Kaufman Hall Nov. 7.

An OU sociology professor will host an event for sexual assault survivors to share their stories.

Meredith Worthen will host the event, which will be held from noon to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15 on the South Oval. The event will give survivors an opportunity to make posters and either hold their own signs or place them in the ground with stakeholders in order to remain anonymous.

“Anyone who wants to create visibility for survivors is welcome to hold a sign,” Worthen said. “I want survivors to know that OU cares about MeToo.” 

OU Advocates will be there, Worthen said, for any students who might want additional support. According to an event flyer, supplies for making posters will be provided. Students and faculty are encouraged to attend. 

The event comes one year after Worthen started an Instagram account, @metoomeredith, which gives survivors a similar opportunity to share their stories anonymously online. The account has over 5,200 followers, Worthen said — over 800 stories have been shared, with at least 100 constantly in her inbox. 

The stories have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her followers and even have been shared with students by other OU professors, Worthen said.

“Students have told me that they feel relieved and uplifted through this account,” Worthen said. “The project has benefited many survivors.”

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