OU on-campus firearm policy remains the same ahead of new state open carry law

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OUPD responds to an incident on the South Oval Feb. 8.

Oklahoma’s permitless carry law will go into effect this week, but OU officials warned that OU’s on-campus firearm policy will remain unchanged.

Starting Nov. 1, Oklahoma will allow people over the age of 21 to open or conceal carry a handgun without a permit. Despite the changes, the bill will maintain existing restrictions, including the restriction on carrying firearms in “public and private schools, public or private sports arenas, gambling facilities, government buildings and private business” unless allowed by the owner, according to the bill.

On Oct. 23, OU published a news release informing students and faculty that firearms would still be restricted on all OU campuses.

“Nothing in the new law changes locations where firearms are allowed,” the release read. “Universities and vocational-technical schools across the state will still be among the several locations where firearms carry is prohibited by law.”

OU Police Department Chief Liz Woollen said in the release that students should continue to call 911 to report individuals carrying firearms on campus after the change. Woollen said that in areas adjacent to campus, like Greek Row and Campus Corner, the police should be called if the person is acting in a threatening manner.

“The new law will make it legal for a person to walk the street openly carrying a weapon without a permit,” Woollen said.

According to the bill, gun owners will still be required to pass background checks, and convicted felons will still be prohibited from purchasing or owning weapons.

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