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OU music student has car stolen, shows sympathy toward 2 suspects

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OUPD Press release for stolen Mazda

A red Mazda 3 Sedan was stolen on Saturday from an OU music student, who has expressed sympathy for the suspects.

The owner of the vehicle, Braden Wolf, had his backpack stolen from Catlett Music Center before the two suspects stole the car. The police have two unidentified suspects, but neither are in custody. 

Wolf, a member of the Pride of Oklahoma, said in a text message he thought another member had picked up his bag but quickly realized what had happened after a friend drove him over to where his car had been parked and it was gone. The vehicle had been parked at a university parking lot at College Avenue and Cruce Street.

Wolf said he then called his dad before calling the police, who confirmed the car had been taken.

Wolf didn’t see the two suspects take his bag, but Wolf said in the text he thought he walked by the two men in Catlett and said they stuck out to him.

“The police said I actually walked into the hall about 30 seconds after they left with it,” Wolf said in the text. “My Pride iPad was in it, so I assume they felt that and decided to take it, and once they found my keys, they took the opportunity.”

Wolf described the suspects as two young males — one below average height and Caucasian with curly hair, and the other above average height with slightly darker skin and dark, curly hair. 

Wolf said in the text he wants to speak with the suspects if or when the situation is resolved to “get to know them and let them know someone cares.”

“I didn't smile at them when I walked by them in the building, and I've been thinking about that a lot,” Wolf said in the text. “Maybe I could've helped them through something had I stopped to talk to them. I don't blame myself for all this, nor do I fully blame them. They're just kids who could use some support.” 

Wolf’s license plate is ESM060 and has an Oklahoma Sooners cover. The OU Police Department encourages anyone with information to reach out to Norman Crime Stoppers at 366-STOP (7867), or text a tip to CRIMES (274637).

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