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OU IT announces switch to alumni-specific email accounts

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OU Information Technology will decommission current email accounts for alumni and retirees and offer replacement accounts. 

According to an IT website announcement explaining the change, OUNet accounts and email addresses will be decommissioned for alumni and retirees, who will have the option to use an account instead. 

The OUNet accounts of alumni and retirees make up more than one-third of all the OUNet accounts, according to the site, which has been difficult and expensive for the IT department to maintain.

The email service will be provided by Microsoft as a free service for the university, according to the site, which will be more affordable. 

According to the site, the current email addresses have also posed a cybersecurity threat to the university, since alumni and retiree accounts aren’t monitored as regularly as student, faculty and staff accounts. The transition to email addresses will be more sustainable for the IT department. 

OU IT director of stakeholder engagement Nicholas Key said in an email that alumni and retired staff accounts will expire Jan. 22, 2020, and retired faculty accounts will expire Sep. 30, 2020. Faculty emeritus will be able to keep their accounts for as long as they remain active, with log-in activity within 12 months. 

According to the site, alumni and retirees should set up their alumni email account now at and back up any items on their existing email account they want to keep. 

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