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OU Health Sciences Center to rebrand as 'OU Health,' strive for unified enterprise

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Joseph Harroz (copy)

OU President Joseph Harroz speaks during the 2024 OU Class Kick-Off, Aug. 18.

OU President Joseph Harroz announced the OU Health Sciences Center’s brand transition to OU Health Thursday.

According to an email to the OU community, OU Health is a “unified brand identity” that combines the clinical enterprises of OUHSC and OU's hospital partner. As a brand, it will continue to “providing unmatched patient care, advancing scientific discovery and training Oklahoma’s health care workforce.” In addition to the application of OUHSC's research, patients will also have access to specialist and subspecialist doctors, and health professionals in Oklahoma through OU Health.

OU Health will be part of OU’s academic health clinical enterprise in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, including OUHSC faculty practices, centers and hospital names. The change will be phased in gradually to simplify patients' interaction with OU Health, according to the email.

Harroz said, in the email, OU Health promotes the university’s pursuit to change lives as it strengthens OU’s reputation in a “competitive patient market.”

“OU Health, as a brand, underscores a deliberate shift from emphasizing medicine, an agent used to achieve positive outcomes, to health, the ultimate path to changing lives,” Harroz said in the email. “OU Health will bring with it improved patient outcomes, elevation of our research and teaching efforts, and benefits beyond.”

OU Medical System hospital facilities became managed and operated by an “Oklahoma-owned” nonprofit institution — OU Medicine, Inc. — in February 2018.

“Since this transition, we have worked with OUMI to sharpen our focus on providing the best possible patient care and experience,” Harroz said in the email. “Our ongoing collaborative efforts have brought us to today.”

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